Posted by Susan on Nov 09, 2012

In these past few months, I have encountered many people in demonstrating the Cookie Thing and find people wonderfully kind and fascinating.  There are all sorts of bakers out there, from the eager, wanting to take-it-all-in type, to the tried-that but it didn’t turn out, to the experts. But the response I get sometimes “Oh, I don’t bake” intrigues me.  The response is almost like I asked if they plow the fields before breakfast. It is one of those things you have to hear and read the facial expression to fully enjoy.

So, here is a recipe that has a mystery involved, but can fit nicely above the “Oh, I don’t bake” level baker, up the list to the expert baker.  No rolling out dough, no stand mixer, and takes about ten minutes. It is simple and delicious and perfect for the holidays. I love sharing recipes and think that part of the baking world is most admirable the way everyone extends the wishes for good results. I want you to have a good experience! 

This is a recipe I kept getting great compliments for that was published in the West University United Methodist Church cookbook.  Kept hearing how much they loved my Pecan Pie Muffins.  hmmm…

I think what “might” have happened, is this.  A recipe contributed by Thelma Hughes to the “Front Porch News” newsletter which I sent out each month, may be the person responsible for the recipe.  It isn’t mine, but with so many people taking the time to tell me how they loved it, I decided I better try it and stop acting like, “oh thank you” and not having a clue!  It is so easy, it might, just might be one for the “I don’t bake” crowd.  It certainly can’t fit into the “I can’t bake” category because this is as simple as it gets. I totally understand now why I got so many compliments! It is fantastic.

I don’t know for sure whom the recipe came from, but Thelma if you are reading this, would you email me? It might have been just a minor mistake in the publishing of the book. I can tell you this; it is delicious beyond words, and for Thanksgiving a great item! Would be wonderful as a breakfast item served with butter or whipped cream. I’ll continue to take all the glory for this recipe if it must be, but if the real author wants to stand up, please do so!

Happy baking to everyone!







    1. love it

    2. @nanner: Nancy! Thank you. Hope you try these muffins out, the are pretty incredible. Never can I recall a recipe that takes so little prep work, time and that tastes as great as these do. They are great for weekend company in the morning! Thanks again. - Susan

    3. These became my favorite muffins to make; like a quick go-to recipe for unexpected company, and they love that smell that fills the house!
      I'm a huge fan of my own homemade pecan pie....and well, while it doesn't take super long to bake a Pecan Pie, this was wayyyyy easier and sooo delicious!! My dad seriously requests them when we go to visit...he can't get enough. :-)
      Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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