Posted by Susan on Dec 20, 2012

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Cookies are a constant love in my household.  We have five children, we homeschool, and I am beyond frugal.  I rarely purchase store bought cookies because those expensive tiny packages go too quickly to justify the cost. One thing my children LOVE is making roll-out sugar cookies.  They enjoy the entire process – rolling them out, cutting/designing them, and decorating!  They are the most versatile cookie ever!  Jackie recently made Dolphin cookies for her last Teacher of the Day.  No cookie cutter needed.  She just cut the shape using pizza cutters and a dull fillet knife! They were wonderful and went along nicely with her Winter, Dolphin Tale, project.


When I received the information on the Cookie Thing, I had to see what it was. I knew my family had to have one… even before I knew what it was we had to have. 

The Cookie Thing is made with solid maple and comes with a roller and four varieties of measuring boards. Boards measure in depths of 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″.

I was very excited to see our Cookie Thing arrive.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  The packaging was so lovely I dreaded taking it apart.  I just wanted to stare at it “in awe” for a while.

Upon inspection of the craftsmanship I was impressed. It was so smooth and felt amazing running across my hands.  The shape is perfect, no dimples or imperfections.  These are the most perfect cuts of wood – I am still in amazement.

I call the boards “guide boards” because with them, you don’t have to measure your thickness. If your recipe calls for your dough to be a certain thickness, you can easily pick out the correct boards and roll it out – perfectly even on the first try without the need to measure it! How amazing is that?

I remember watching a cooking show a few years back that talked about the best type of rolling pin.  (Who knew someone could devote an entire television episode to the perfect rolling pin – but they did!)  On that show the host talked about the various types, weight, handles or no handles, and even went on to recommend purchasing shims from the local hardware store to use as a guide for your thickness.  The cookie thing is like that.. the perfect rolling pin for cookies with the guide boards – just much more sophisticated and food friendly. Honestly, how does one get perfectly smooth shims from the hardware store?  I haven’t been able to find any – have you?


We tried our Cookie Thing this weekend by making a few batches for ourselves and a family friend.  At first we didn’t use our noggin very well and placed our guides too close to our dough. After a few runs,  I realized I should be spacing them out further. I probably should have paid attention to the instructions…

I didn’t use wax paper and I chilled my dough before I rolled it out. I  used a traditional method with powdered sugar… nonetheless, the rolling was smooth and easy.  Our cookies all turned out uniform and perfect.  Because the thickness was even, the cookies also cooked evenly. I don’t think I have ever had that happen before.

Washing and Care:

It is recommended to wash with a damp cloth and not to soak in water.  I quickly rinsed mine with water and used my hands to remove any dough.  If you use it with wax paper, per the instructions, a damp cloth should be sufficient.

Other uses:

I plan to try our Cookie Thing out the next time we have taco night.  We make our own flour tortillas and we often struggle with the appropriate thickness. 

I have never had the nerve to make my own pie crust… I do now!


I don’t know how I have ever gone without  it.  The Cookie Thing made roll-out cookies quick, easy, and perfect.  I would love to have received this as a Christmas Gift.  I am a baking junkie, who’s favorite stores all sell kitchen products. If you know someone like me – they will love it as much as I did.

Please visit Cookie Thing for more information.

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