Roll Out Cookies

Roll Out Cookies Sugar cookies are a type of rolled cookie. Roll out cookies are among the most delicious and enjoyable types of cookies, because once you've finished baking them, the fun doesn't end. The dough is flat upon preparation, which means you can bake these items in shapes using cookie cutters. These shaped cookies, once prepared, can be a lot of fun to decorate. This is an excellent family activity and can make any holiday or birthday party a highly entertaining event. The trickiest part of making these cookies is the preparation of the dough. Unless you get the dough completely even and just the right thickness, your cookies won't turn out right. They'll be bumpy, misshapen, and they won't cook evenly. These are serious problems. The Cookie Thing is a unique tool that is designed to help you get cookie dough that is just the right thickness. There is no other tool like it. It uses an elegant maple rolling pin that moves across two flats of wood, like spacers, which come in a variety of heights to produce dough that is perfectly flat and even. Because the spacers hold the rolling pin at the exact same height all the way across the dough, the dough turns out just right. If you've ever had a hard time making roll out cookies, the Cookie Thing is what you need! Visit today to experience this tool for yourself! Roll Out Cookies

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