Roll Out Cookie Recipe

Roll Out Cookie Recipe These tips will help the cookie-making process go better and will result in better cookies for you and your family and friends. First, if you are following a roll out cookie recipe, you need to be able to roll out your cookie dough in the proper way. Before you even start preparing the cookies, think about how you will be able to do this. What tools do you have on hand that will allow you to get perfect roll out cookie dough? If you've used a standard rolling pin before, you know how difficult and close to impossible it can be to get the dough just right for cutting into shapes. It never seems to spread thinly enough. There is a solution to this. If you have the right tool, rolling out cookie dough is extremely easy and fast. You need to use the Cookie Thing, which is an innovative cookie rolling pin that simplifies the rolling process and allows you to get a perfect spread of cookie dough every time. Here are a few other tips and tools you'll want to have on hand in order to truly make incredibly good cookies. Use parchment paper placed over your cookie sheet for easy cleanup. An electric mixer is useful for making light, crispy cookies, because it mixes the dough extremely thoroughly. If you over mix dough, you get harder cookies, which may be what you want, in some cases. But in case it isn't what you're looking for, you an electric mixer to get just the right consistency in your dough. Even though cookies made from butter or margarine are flatter than those made with shortening, they are an excellent, rich texture and quality. For best results, try this tip. Use one half butter and one half shortening! Perfect cookies are as easy as that. Roll Out Cookie Recipe

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